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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:07 pm

---Server Rules---

1.Cheating, by hacking or any other means, to enable abilities or cheats that are not accessible in the standard game or any subsequent universal patch. Cheaters will not be tolerated. Will Be banned without a warning , if u see any member of Counter-Strike Gamerz community cheating report him/her to any other staff members with a DEMO recorded and we will take other steps. - BANNED

2.Grenade Spamming by flooding an area with grenades (includes all types of grenades such as smoke or flash grenades). - KICKED

3.Use of shields or auto-sniper when they are restricted on the server. - NO ACTION

4.Throwing flash grenades multiple times to flash teammates on purpose. - KICKED

5.Microphone spamming or excessive microphone chatter while alive. It is meant for tactical talk and strategy not talking about what you ate at Subway, talk about this stuff when you are dead. - NO ACTION

6.Radio commands spamming. - NO ACTION

7.Using racist, sexist or otherwise offensive comments or words in the fora or the game servers in any context to any person. This includes excessive profanity. - NO ACTION

8.Abusing or harassing administrators or other players. - NO ACTION (unless No1sPerfect or Cr0ssf1r3 are present and notified for the situations.)

9.Excessive camping and not doing objectives. If the bomb is planted then you must make an attempt to defuse it. Heading away from a bombsite or delaying from heading towards the bombsite is not making a reasonable attempt to defuse the bomb and spoils the fun for all players. (Dont kick/ban these nubs)

10.Going away from your keyboard for an excessive amount of time without dropping out of the game. Will be kicked

11.Ghosting/LANing/Screening by having someone who is dead telling a person who is alive where everyone is on the map. This gives that person a huge unfair advantage and will not be tolerated. - NO ACTION, Cuz it will happen rarely.

12. And this rule is for admins , do not abuse your powers against simple players, do not do it even if they ask. - ADMIN REMOVED
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Server Rules
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