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 PING et FPS Reglages

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PostSubject: PING et FPS Reglages   Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:06 am

Here are two very coveted by gamers! Ping and fps are since the inception of the network game, the object of debate, discussion, there are very few sites dedicated to these two concepts! But why we talk so much? What do these terms mean?

Definition of Terms:

Ping: The ping is the latency that is to say the time it takes for data to be exchanged between you and the game server! Obviously you will understand more the ping is low, the game is more fluid and fast (depending on connection type)!

FPS: The FPS or Frames per second "match the refresh rate of the screen, it corresponds to very little near the number of frames per second! Unlike the ping, the more fps, the higher the game will flow!

To summarize, the more you have a low ping and a lot of fps, the more you will be effective for one game because you can respond quickly and the game will flow!

There are a few tips to resolve, follow the guide ...

The Tricks:


To ping all say now there is no miracle! There are a few programs to "so-called" slightly improve response time but they are more effective than questionable ...

The table is directly dependent on your connection! With a conventional ADSL connection (512/128) will be between 50 and 90 ping (following suppliers)! But for those who have the chance to benefit from the proposed Freebox offer "ping" that goes in your connection mode "FastPath" and greatly reducing your ping (ping between 10 and 30)!

However there is still possible settings in your config.cfg because the defaults are not always accurate in terms of ping!

Open your config.cfg, we will work on four commands:

-Rate: Often this control is not in the file so you must add it! Recommended values: 4000 for 56k 9000 for a connection 512 / 128, 10000 for the upper connection! (However you must know that value is often blocked by the servers to 9999 or 9000 with the command sv_maxrate)

-Cl_rate: same value as the rate! Add the command in your config.cfg if it does not exist!

-Cl_updaterate: 35 for 56k, 65 for a 512/128 connection and 100 for an upper connection!

-Cl_cmdrate: same value as the cl_updaterate

This is your config.cfg is now well set! There's nothing to hit to improve your ping! The only advice I can give you is to cut anything that requires resources (firewall software, chat, ...) while you play!

After you see the ping varies depending on the server you play on some servers are abroad and therefore have higher ping, prefer good French servers where your ping is correct ;-)


The FPS depends on many things! First of all your hardware, if your computer and your graphics are a bit old do not expect to reach 100 fps (maximum value)! It also depends on the setting of your graphics card and finally setting up your config.cfg!

To see your refresh rate and therefore your fps, type 3 in the console net_graph Counter-Strike! They appear in the top left of the little graphic!

You should know that less than 25-30 fps will cause a feeling of "lag" that is to say that your game will be choppy! And we must also know that from 60 frames per second the human eye is not able to distinguish the difference could be between 60 and 100 fps! However if we can get 100 fps as well do:)

The default set flange 70 fps! Open your config.cfg and look for the line:

fps_max 70: Replace 70 by 100!

Just below you'll see a line:

fps_modem 100: Replace 100 by 0!

Check your game your number of fps! If it is between 90 and 100 you can stop reading this tutorial you only use any more:) If you still do not 100 fps, so it continues ;-)

Now we will look at the graphics card! Go into the advanced options of your graphics card and click on the tab "OpenGL" (if you play in open gl course)! Never disable the vertical sync! Check what is beautiful and well selected.

Here is the graphics card is now set you should have a refresh rate wrong!

A very important thing too, do not forget to check your drivers, you must update them as often as possible, they will make your graphics card and even more efficient and your fps will be higher!

Attention also not allow to run a video or maybe a flash animation (even the snowflakes that you sometimes see on the sites for the holidays) because your fps is Falling!

If you have a low setting, you can increase your fps slightly by changing the details of the game by the config.cfg! Set at lowest! (I invite you to see the config.cfg file for the service of all lines)
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PostSubject: Re: PING et FPS Reglages   Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:18 am

Very Nice, I get as low as 3 ping in Serves, my normal ping is about 15-25. No higher.

This will be useful for other members who need the help Though.

Topic Stickied!
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PostSubject: Re: PING et FPS Reglages   Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:45 am

Lmao i was too lazy to read it all but always good to come back to when i got tons of time.
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PostSubject: Re: PING et FPS Reglages   

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PING et FPS Reglages
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