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 A guide for catching hackers.

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PostSubject: A guide for catching hackers.   Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:20 am


ok i want you all to tell us different ways of how to know when the guys is hacking.fromwht i have learnt is

AIMBOT: aimbots can not always be caught by a shaking screen,they can sometimes be modified to stop shaking,the aimbot without shaking is called "NO RECOIL".along with that the player can also modify the hack to shoot the body,although this is rare but it can be caught by the hacker confidently moving around trusting his aimbot to save him and if the admin is doubtful about the hack he can make a demo and ban or make a demo and ask other admins to confirm.

WALLHACK: this is really easy to detect with admin esp.This hack is really common,you can notice that either with sniper or a rifle,he shoots through a wall and it hits exactly at them through the wall and stuff.sometimes it could be that the player has just seen the enemy run and calculates their position by time and then shoots(which i sometimes do too XD)which might result in a kill too but you have to be sure if its luck and not wallhack or the other way around.

AUTOAIM:well it wont take that long to detect them...when an autoaimer starts shooting you'll see how the hackers aim sticks exactly to the enemy without failures...but as i said you'll see what i'm saying when you see them face to face.but sometimes this option is available on options to be activated,you an just tell them to switch it off rather than banning them,but if they refuse,you know what to do.

SPEEDHACK:the player moves with a very fast speed towards any wall without stopping,and this is usually applied with a knife as a turn on off key.

NOCLIP:the player can go through objects.

ESP:this uses red and blue lines to detect players through walls and gives them info about the distance,ammo,clip,health etc,it is like wallhack but its easier to use.

Take this in account before banning too...that before banning make sure you make a demo and this goes for all,as if the person who was banned makes an unban appeal and no proof(demo)is available proving his guilt,he will be unbanned and will countinue to spoil the fun for all the players that play in the AoG servers.

all new suggestions and editing to this is appreciated as i just saw tht new admins dont know how to tell a regular player from a hacker so this can be made sticky after it is 100% developed so tht admins can know when the guy is hacking.
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PostSubject: Re: A guide for catching hackers.   Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:23 am

Very well Written,

This is useful to all server admins.

Topic Stickied!
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A guide for catching hackers.
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